Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All you need to know about a successful career at EDOOVO


You will be teaching children in preschool and lower primary school (3 years and above). Children of different ages might be in the same class as they join based on their current proficiency per subject.

For English teachers, you will teach English and Maths classes.
For Chinese teachers, you will only teach Chinese (simplified) classes.

EDOOVO’s curriculum is adapted from Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus which
is used as a guideline in the execution of your classes. For each subject and level, lessons are designed to meet specific learning outcomes for the children.

A Little Whiz Junior class (Level 1 – 4) is 25 minutes.
A Little Whiz Senior class (Level 5 – 8) is 50 minutes.

There is a 5 to 10 minute break between each class.

Each class has a maximum of 4 students.

You will be assigned classes based on your available working hours. We follow a term schedule where students will join your class on a termly basis (each term consists of approximately 3 months). Also, when a new term begins, students are able to change their timeslot or subject and this might incur a change in the students of your class.

You will work from home in a clean and quiet setting with the EDOOVO backdrop set up. You are required to have a wired cable for internet connection and stable electricity supply at your home.

You will use a desktop or laptop with a working web camera to teach. You will also need to wear headphones with an attached microphone.

The minimum IT requirements are as follows:

Desktop and laptop specificationOperating system
  • Windows 8 and above, or
  • Mac OS 10 and above
  • Intel Core i5 and above, or
  • AMD Ryzen 7500 and above
  • At least 8GB of RAM
  • Minimum of 100GB of free hard disk available
Additional hardwares
  • External headset with microphone
  • A high-definition (HD) external or integrated webcam (with at least 720p resolution)
  • A wired internet connection (LAN cable) of at least 50Mbps for download and 20Mbps for upload speed

Your home internet needs to have at least a download speed of 50Mbps and upload speed of 20Mbps.

For a full time position, you will have to commit to 5 days in a week (3 weekdays and 2 weekends).

For a part time position, you will have to commit to 2 weekends in the week (Saturday & Sunday).

Kindly send you CV to:

We will contact you if you are selected. You will then be required to submit a self-introduction video and a storytelling video. Should you be shortlisted, a face-to-face interview with you will be arranged.

You will need to hold a degree or diploma, preferably in the field of education or related discipline. A certificate or experience of teaching children is also preferred.

At EDOOVO, we look for teachers who have a passion for the job as well as a cheerful and positive personality to engage with children.

Should you join EDOOVO, you will undergo our in-house on-boarding training before we assign any class for you to teach.