Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)

All you need to know about EDOOVO’s online lessons.


We offer English, Maths and Chinese (simplified).

Yes, we do. Children will build a strong foundation in letter, short and long vowel sounds, before learning how to blend consonants and create phonetic combinations.

Yes, we do. We start to teach Han Yu Pin Yin in Level 7 of our Chinese course.

Our lessons are suitable for children in preschool and lower primary school (3 years and above). Children will join a level which best suits their current proficiency per subject.

We provide activity sheets that are available for download after each lesson. These activity sheets reinforce the concepts learnt during the lesson.

EDOOVO’s curriculum is adapted from Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus which is used as a guideline in the execution of our classes. For each subject and level, lessons are designed to meet specific learning outcomes for the children.

Our Little Whiz Junior class (Level 1 – 4) is 25 minutes.
Our Little Whiz Senior class (Level 5 – 8) is 50 minutes.

Each class has a maximum of 4 students.

Our lessons are held once a week across all subjects.

Your child can attend the online class through desktop/laptop or our student tablet app.

If you are using a desktop or laptop, please login to our online parent portal through to attend class. Our supported browsers are Chrome (version 58 & above) and Safari (version 11 & above).

If you are using a tablet, please download EDOOVO student tablet app in Apple Store or Google Play Store, and login to attend class.

Please remember to conduct and pass the device test to ensure that your device is ready for the class.

All our teachers hold a degree in the field of education or related disciplines, and are experienced in teaching children. They are also selected based on their passion and personality that enable them to engage with young students.

We provide our in-house training to all teachers on board and monitor their class performance constantly to ensure the high teaching standards are maintained.

We have the same teacher assigned for a class during each term. A replacement teacher will be arranged if the class teacher is on leave or unable to teach.

EDOOVO uses a ‘credit’ system, whereby credits can be purchased in packages and exchanged for your child’s lessons.

Each Little Whiz Junior class (25 minutes) costs 1 credit.
Each Little Whiz Senior class (50 minutes) costs 2 credits.

Please reach out to our education consultants for our latest package offerings.

Credits purchased will go into your EDOOVO account and can be used across all 3 subjects for up to 4 children under the same parent.

Credits for an entire term will be deducted from your account at the beginning of each term. If there are insufficient credits to complete an entire term, you may choose to top up your account or use up the remaining credits.

Credits for all packages are valid for 3 years from the date of payment.

We offer 1 free trial class on a chosen subject.

Our Education Consultant will set up a free trial class for your child on a chosen subject. After the trial class, you will receive feedback on your child’s performance and the appropriate level for your child to enroll.

You will then need to purchase a credit package and choose the preferred time slot for your child to attend our class. Once you complete the payment, your child will be enrolled into our programme and commence learning with EDOOVO.