Our Learning Model

Here’s how our curriculum is developmentally designed to suit your child’s needs at every stage of academic development.

Holistic Curriculum Based on Accredited Framework

Singapore is crowned as “number one” in the global rankings for laying a strong academic foundation in essential literacy and numerical skills for young students. The success of Singapore’s education model is attributed to its world-class syllabus in languages and mathematics.

Based on the accredited Singapore M.O.E framework, our EDOOVO curriculum is developed to be holistic and comprehensive, covering three core subjects of English, Chinese and Maths. We aim to nurture our students into confident bilingual communicators and independent thinkers.

EDOOVO Award-Winning Online Enrichment Classes for Kids | Our Learning Model
EDOOVO Award-Winning Online Enrichment Classes for Kids | Our Learning Model

Engaged Learning Through Fun & Purposeful Play​

Children learn best when they are having fun. Through purposeful play, we pique our students’ interests and help them build the necessary skills to communicate with one another, explore different concepts and relate to the world around them.

EDOOVO lessons are designed to start with an immersive storytelling that students can enjoy, wonder, and question. Concepts are introduced through playful learning that stimulates their imagination and expression. Students apply what they have learnt in fun games and relate their learning to the real world.

Bilingual Literacy Using Immersion Learning Method

In an interconnected world, bilingualism is considered increasingly important for young learners to build bridges between cultures and become global citizens. It is widely researched that the golden period for a child to develop such bilingual capability is before 6-8 years old.

As Singapore is highly recognised for its successful bilingual education in the world, EDOOVO develops its English and Chinese language curriculum based on Singapore’s syllabus. When it comes to learning a second language, we use an immersion language method where students learn in the most authentic and natural way rather than through translation or rote memorisation of words or sentences.

EDOOVO Award-Winning Online Enrichment Classes for Kids | Our Learning Model
EDOOVO Award-Winning Online Enrichment Classes for Kids | Our Learning Model

Critical Thinking Skills By Inquiry-based Approach​

Maths prepares young learners for logical and critical thinking, not for memorising mathematical facts. Singapore maths is well-known in the world for teaching students to learn concepts and skills, problem-solve and develop mathematical thinking instead of rote memorisation of rules and formulas.

Our Maths curriculum is developed to introduce a broad range of math concepts that relate to children’s life, such as counting, shapes, patterns, spatial relationships and colours. Subsequently, we expose students to complex mathematical concepts and teach them how to apply these concepts to resolve problems and make decisions in the real world.