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5 Ways to Develop a Love for Chinese in Kids

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Mastering Chinese not only opens up a world of opportunities for your child but also enhances cognitive development, including improved problem-solving skills, creativity, and memory. In Singapore’s diverse and globalized society, being bilingual in both English and Chinese can provide children with a competitive edge in the future workforce. 

Learning Chinese will also help children understand and appreciate their culture. As SEED Institute senior lecturer (Chinese Programmes) Ms Ginia Ng explains, learning Chinese will aid them in understanding their identity and is conducive for developing their self-awareness,”.

However, getting kids excited about learning Chinese can be challenging. It is then important to make the learning process enjoyable and engaging. Here are 5 effective ways to develop a love for Chinese in kids:


Incorporate Chinese into Daily Life

Encourage the use of Chinese in daily activities such as cooking, playing, or even watching cartoons. Label household items in Chinese, or play Chinese language games. By integrating Chinese into their daily routine, children will see the language as a fun and useful tool.


Create a Supportive Environment

Foster a supportive environment at home by encouraging conversations in Chinese. Kids learn the best from their parents and creating opportunities for your child to practice speaking and listening to Chinese will boost their confidence and make learning Chinese a natural part of their daily life.


Interactive Chinese Enrichment Classes

Enroll your child in a fun and interactive Chinese enrichment class. These classes are specifically designed to make learning Chinese enjoyable for kids. Through games, songs, and storytelling, children can learn Chinese in a stress-free environment, building a strong foundation in the language.


Utilize Online Learning Platforms

Online Chinese learning platforms or tuition classes offer convenience and flexibility for busy parents. Kids can learn Chinese from the comfort of their homes, making it a convenient and effective way to develop their language skills. Additionally, online tuition can incorporate interactive tools, such as virtual flashcards, quizzes, and games, to make learning engaging and effective.


Reward Efforts and Progress

Acknowledge and reward your child’s efforts and progress in learning Chinese. Set achievable goals and celebrate when they reach them, while not forgetting to encourage and praise them for their continuous efforts along the way. Rewards can be as simple as stickers or a special outing. Positive reinforcement will motivate them to continue learning and exploring the language.



By implementing these strategies, you can help your child develop a love for Chinese and set them on the path to becoming fluent in the language. At EDOOVO, we offer age-appropriate online Chinese enrichment classes that allow your child to learn at their own pace. Our live online classes are also made fun and interactive with storytelling, interactive tools, and virtual rewards. Keen to learn how our online classes can help foster a love for Chinese in your kids? Book a trial with us today!


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