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How to Nurture A Love for Reading in Children

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How to Nurture A Love for Reading in Children

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology is changing the way we learn and communicate, reading is still an essential tool for children to enhance their language skills. Be it English, Chinese or any other language, reading is more than just learning words as it ignites a sense of wonder, fosters creativity and cultivates a love for expression. It also promotes critical thinking, vocabulary acquisition, and emotional intelligence.

While there is a waning interest in reading books due to the “rapid proliferation of other forms of entertainment and content formats like social media over the last decade”, there should not be a cause for concern. Instead, it is time to broaden our definition of reading and encompasses not only printed books but also digital texts. This includes online enrichment classes, interactive videos, apps, and digital books, which parents and children can easily access via digital devices.

To ensure that children not only read but also enjoy the experience, it’s essential to make reading fun and engaging. Here are a few ways you can encourage your child to read and develop their love for language. 

The Magic of Storytelling

From fairy tales to adventurous quests, stories have an enchanting power to captivate young minds. Choose books with compelling narratives that whisk children away to fantastical realms or relatable situations. Fuel their imagination by encouraging them to visualize characters, settings, and events. If you are reading together with your child, use an expressive voice and dramatic pauses to create a spellbinding storytelling experience. You can also sign up for storytelling sessions online or in real life for your child to be engaged fully. The magic of a well-told story can kindle a child’s curiosity and keep them wanting to learn more.

A Multisensory Reading Adventure

Books that engage the senses through vibrant illustrations, textures, and interactive elements can transform reading into a sensory adventure. Opt for pop-up books, tactile textures, or lift-the-flap surprises that invite children to explore with their hands as well as their eyes. Digital reading platforms can also provide a similar experience as your child is able to touch, swipe, and interact with the story. In some English enrichment classes, children are also invited to read along and play as the characters of the story. The fusion of visuals and words not only enhances comprehension but also transforms reading into an exciting journey of discovery. Engaging a child’s senses makes reading a multisensory delight that they’ll eagerly return to.

A Journey of Shared Discovery

Reading need not be a solitary pursuit; it can be a shared adventure that bonds families and friends. Create a dedicated reading nook or time in which everyone can gather to read aloud, share stories, and discuss ideas. Through group reading sessions, children will be more encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings about the story, characters, or what they anticipate will happen next. This shared experience not only deepens connections but also instills the notion that reading is a joyous communal activity.

Unleash Creativity Through Imagination

Empower children to become co-creators of the stories they read. Encourage them to rewrite endings, create alternate plotlines, or even invent new characters. This not only nurtures their creativity but also provides a sense of ownership over the narrative. Extend the experience beyond the book by engaging in related activities such as drawing scenes, crafting characters, or acting out parts of the story. By fostering creativity, reading becomes a gateway to self-expression and innovation.


With easy access to a variety of reading materials and tools, parents can ignite a passion for reading in children in more ways than one. Whether it’s through a printed book or digital enrichment platforms, it is important to make reading a fun and engaging experience. At EDOOVO, we strongly believe in bringing language to life in ways that go beyond static words. Our English and Chinese online enrichment programs incorporate live teaching from passionate teachers, immersive storytelling, interactive tools, and even cool virtual rewards that are given for participation. Find out how we can nurture your child’s love for reading by signing up for a trial today! 


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