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  • Transition To Primary School Made Easy With Singapore’s First Live Multi-Subject Online Platform, EDOOVO

Transition To Primary School Made Easy With Singapore’s First Live Multi-Subject Online Platform, EDOOVO

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Source: https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/transition-primary-school-made-easy-010000294.html

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 8 November 2021

EDOOVO sets itself up as the first sole proprietary online learning platform in Singapore that offers live interactive enrichment classes of all three core preschool subjects – English, Chinese, and Maths. Compared to single subject packages often provided by other e-learning portals, this approach allows EDOOVO to make the transition to primary school smoother for learners aged three to eight.

First Founded For Parents

The surge in class uptake at EDOOVO reflects the high parental demand for purposeful ways to facilitate their child’s learning during the pandemic. It also points to the reliance on innovative technologies to better prepare them for primary school.

“We noticed a gap in the market as there was a lack of real-time online classes with two-way communication focusing on the three core subjects of every preschool. EDOOVO was thus founded for local parents, while addressing the needs of international students with a world-class educational framework,” stated Xiaobing Bai, founder of EDOOVO.

Students are given the choice to attend one or all three subjects, with classes assigned based on their learning levels. Building a strong foundation for a seamless transition into primary school, the curriculum adapted from the MOE framework is designed by qualified specialists and taught by experienced educators who receive specialised in-house training.

Seamless Interactivity Without Privacy Concerns

Held on their sole proprietary platform, games and activity sheets steer clear of dull rote learning. Unlike Zoom or pre-recorded lessons conducted on other platforms, privacy infringement risks are eliminated and lesson delivery is more communicative and controlled in this safe space.

“We’ve seen an increase in parents signing up for our free trial and registering for our classes since March, 2020 – and most parents have shared with us that interactive live online learning is just as effective, if not better, given the changing regulations due to the pandemic,” adds Mr Bai.

With more parents and children getting comfortable with remote learning, EDOOVO taps into their interest in digital experiences and inspires engagement through live teaching and virtual in-class rewards. Beyond the unlimited playback accessible 24 hours after lessons, the emotional connection created even through the screens, offers a unique learning experience for a strong start.

Supported by teacher-student interactions in small classes of four to six students, EDOOVO maximises the attention of children who learn better with continuous engagement.

About EDOOVO Singapore:

EDOOVO is an established online enrichment learning platform in Singapore. Focusing on the future of learning, the interactive platform harnesses edtech and real-time teaching to unlock every child’s curiosity, supplement their school curriculum and stretch learning. Since its inception in 2019, EDOOVO’s innovations have reached thousands of students from all over the world and attained accolades like the ‘Best Online Enrichment Platform in 2021’. Changing the way kids learn, EDOOVO and its progressive curriculum model set itself up as a trendsetter in the online education industry.


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